AMX Programming

AMX is a leading brand for business, education and government A/V markets. This company is part of the Harman Professional Division, which is a recognized leader in audio technologies. AMX is dedicated to creating reliable, consistent and scalable A/V solutions. AMX focuses on being a total solution A/V vendor. They have systems deployed around the world. You can find AMX systems in upscale smart homes, college classrooms, hotels, and huge entertainment venues. For the last 30 years AMX has had the same vision, which is to develop innovative technologies that simplify the world. It is their mission to design, manufacture and sell the world’s best products and solutions.


They create device controllers which can be used to control and automate a simple home or advanced work environment. Whether you are automating your smart home or preparing for the big presentation, a simplified control system makes things easier. AMX controls all aspects of the video distribution market from digital signage to broadcast television. They are a leader in asset management, which means they offer software and applications that control and monitor even the most complex A/V system.


AMX puts a huge focus on training and support, plus they partner with hundreds of leading A/V vendors. Taking advanced technology and simplifying it is a common AMX goal. They dedicate their focus on human interaction, which enables the most advanced of A/V setups to be controlled and maintained by users. AMX is an industry leader that can offer a total A/V solution.