Extron Programming

Extron Electronics is a company that has developed thousands of innovative A/V solutions. This company was founded in 1983, and it is now a world leader when it comes to the design and manufacture of A/V components. These components convert, split and distribute signals to control entire A/V systems. Extron has 30 offices worldwide, and they are committed to customer satisfaction. Whether it is service or support, they are committed to backing up the equipment they produce. This company produces products that focus on signal integrity and ease of integration. Some of the products they specialize in are audio amplifiers, digital signal processors, signal processing equipment, high-resolution cables and speakers. Extron products can be found in retail environments, universities, government organizations, healthcare, churches and boardrooms.


Extron focuses on technology and innovation and have pioneered many new AV technologies. It is their goal to deliver systems that work. Some of the technologies that they have created are SpeedSwitch technology, EDID Minder, and Key Minder these products provide reliable and fast switching processes. The company also focuses on energy-saving technologies, such as the first Energy Star compliant class D amplifier. This is a company with a commitment to quality. They have a world-class design and manufacturing facility which allows them to maintain complete control over the manufacturing process. Testing is also a huge part of the Extron quality commitment. The company has a core value of professional integrity and an ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction. Extron products can be used to create a stable, quality A/V environment.